Parson's 100 Year Flood Chart with Incorrect Data

Please Note that this is not the final data that MMSD used in determining which houses should be purchased. This is the only data which was made public as far as I know. This data was made public at a stakeholder meeting. I took several pans of this data with my camcorder. The place where I lived had the lowest point misidentified. This error resulted in Parson's reviewing our house and making the determination that our house was not at risk for flooding. We disputed this and our house plus several others were resurveyed. If the resurvey had not happened we would still be living in the flood plain.

I couldn't see how the house I was living could have water come over the property and exceed the height of the lowest part of the house yet the house was not considered below the 100 year flood line. Some of the rain events weren't even considered 1 percent events (1 in 100).

This information is historical but irrelevant. I just wanted to keep it since I took the time to transcribe it months ago. Some of the information might be correct but I can't tell what part.

      Low water entry Bridge
      (feet)   (inches)
Residential Structures          
WA1   10920 Hayes 737.3 window -2
WA2   2883 117th St 735.4 window -25
WA3   11230 Cleveland 735.3 window -26
WA4   11300 Cleveland 735.3 window -26
WA5   2833 Parkway 744.1 window 0
WA6   2645 Parkway 744.5 window 5
WA7   2671 Parkway 743.9 window 2
WA8   2794 Parkway 737.4 window 17
WA9   2788 Parkway 735.9 garage -13
WA10   2769 Parkway 736.3 door 16
WA11   2901 Parkway 735.4 garage -13
WA12   2951 Parkway 734.8 garage -25
WA13   2947 Parkway 735.2 window 0
WA14   2977 Parkway 733.7 garage -12
WA15   3031 Parkway 735.6 door -12
WA16   3011 Parkway 735.0 garage -14
WA17   3043 Parkway 734.3 garage 2
WA18   2907 Parkway 736.7 door 19
WA 19   2939 Parkway 733.9 window -14