The pictures were taken by Joseph Fleischfresser 4/17/2004.

These photos are from the April 2004 Speed Seekers Event. It was a cool sunny day. Several W3SI and MN3s members raced and a few came to watch.

I tried to used my camcorder but the battery died. My digital camera malfunctioned several time during the event also.

Road America Raceway

Cars getting ready near the pit area

2004_w3si.ra01 2004_w3si.ra02 2004_w3si.ra03 2004_w3si.ra04 2004_w3si.ra05 2004_w3si.ra06 2004_w3si.ra11

BMW Accident

A BMW driver took a turn too fast and totaled the car. No injuries as far as I know. This is one of two that I saw.

2004_w3si.ra07 2004_w3si.ra08

Lunch Time

We jumped in the back of a truck and headed over for some food

2004_w3si.ra09 2004_w3si.ra10

Track Time

Drivers out on the track.

2004_w3si.ra12 2004_w3si.ra13 2004_w3si.ra14 2004_w3si.ra15 2004_w3si.ra16 2004_w3si.ra17

In and Out

Cars were coming in and going out of the pit area for different classes during the day.

2004_w3si.ra18 2004_w3si.ra19 2004_w3si.ra20