The pictures were taken by Joseph Fleischfresser 9/6/2003.

These photos are from the first Wisconsin gathering. It was a nice sunny day that was great for getting together.

W3SI Gathering Information
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A&W's on 27th Street

Almost everyone sat in the back and had a bite to eat. Prizes were given out.

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Milwaukee Cruise

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Parking Lot near the Slot Car Track

w3si_9-6_29 w3si_9-6_30 w3si_9-6_34

Slot Car Racing

Winners of the races recieved prizes

w3si_9-6_31 w3si_9-6_32 w3si_9-6_33

Parking Lot at the Celtic Games

Prizes were given out and group photos were taken

w3si_9-6_35 w3si_9-6_36 w3si_9-6_37 w3si_9-6_38 w3si_9-6_39 w3si_9-6_40 w3si_9-6_41 w3si_9-6_42