Where do Fleischfressers come from?

Fleischfresser is obviously German in origin. The word "Fleischfresser" is German for "carnivore", "meat-eater" or the less appealing "to tear flesh with teeth." I know I couldn't be confused with a vegetarian.

From what I have read and heard Fleischfressers immigrated to Wisconsin, U.S.A. in the early 19th century. Six brothers or something like that. Through research I have found Fleischfressers that lived in Illinois, Minnesota, California and New York during this time also.

Northern Wisconsin seems to have been the anchor for my closest Fleischfresser ancestors, but the Fleischfressers in other areas must be related. This surname is too rare for coincidence. Wisconsin's climate is similar to Germany's and many Germans who came to America moved here.

Fleischfressers are located all over the world. I have seen information on them in Australia, Brazil, Italy, the United States of America, and Germany.

Family information has a dedicated site now.
Fleischfresser Genealogy Site