The pictures were taken by Joseph Fleischfresser 9/25/2004.

These photos are from the September 2004 rural cruise in the Kettle Moraine area.

I logged the cruise using GPS the resulting map is slightly interactive.

Cruise Map

Eagle Village Park

2004_cruise.01 2004_cruise.02 2004_cruise.03 2004_cruise.04 2004_cruise.05 2004_cruise.06 2004_cruise.07 2004_cruise.08 2004_cruise.09 2004_cruise.10 2004_cruise.11 2004_cruise.12 2004_cruise.13 2004_cruise.14 2004_cruise.15 2004_cruise.16 2004_cruise.17 2004_cruise.18

Out on the road

2004_cruise.19 2004_cruise.20 2004_cruise.21 2004_cruise.22

Jim's Burger Corner

2004_cruise.23 2004_cruise.24 2004_cruise.25 2004_cruise.26 2004_cruise.27 2004_cruise.28 2004_cruise.29 2004_cruise.30 2004_cruise.31 2004_cruise.32

Picture Time

2004_cruise.33 2004_cruise.34 2004_cruise.35 2004_cruise.36 2004_cruise.37 2004_cruise.38

A little accident in Jesse's driveway.

2004_cruise.39 2004_cruise.40

Other Areas of Interest

Event Pictures
Main Map
Start and Finish
Shortcut along the way
Food Stop
Area towards the end of the cruise